The Truth about Me

Welcome to my first attempt at making a website. I'm totally ignorant when it comes to computers, so I apologise in advance for any miscoding.

Personal Info

Full Name: Spooky Robin
Age: I was born sometime in December in the year 1982
Height: way too short in my opinion
Hair color: was a redhead for 3 years, now I'm a boring light brownish color
Eyes: Blue with a twist of green
Native language: Danish
Nationality: I'm a Dane (and no Denmark is not the capital of Sweden)
Interests: Everything X-Files. I'm definately a shipper, and just LOOOOVE fanfic. I don't write it myself (I just can't get my thoughts unravelled enough to do that). I also like to watch C.S.I. (at least the first 2 shows) and N.C.I.S. (and NO it's NOT the same show).
10 Favourite X-Files Episodes: Beyond The Sea, Irresistible, Pusher, Rain King, Triangle, Millenium, Orison, Chinga, Bad Blood and all things.