*Bleeping* links

Okay so I already have a page with links, so what? You can never have too many links in my opinion. And besides. "Funky Poaching" is only for fanfiction links. And I found that I have other links that I want to share, so here they are.

- Spooky Robin


If you ever feel the need to send an electronic postcard with a picture from The X-Files this is the best place for it.

GA Official Website

This is Gillian Anderson's official website. Whenever she does something new this is where it'll be posted. It was the discovery of this site that led me to the opportunity to see her in the play "The Sweetest Swing in Baseball" in London. Now I check it as often as I can.

ROAD Runners

This is a GREAT site for multimedia. This site has some really cool video clips. Bloopers and scenes from episodes, a HUGE picture gallery, an episode guide, articles from magazines and a page for X-Phile humour.

Inside The X

This is a site for anyone who wants to know exactly what has been said in any episode. This site has the transcripts for ALL episodes of the show.