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I just LOVE to read fanfiction (fiction written by fans), and well I would like to share my favorite sites with you. And if you see something you like, please feel free to give the authors some feedback. They would really appreciate it and it might just inspire them to keep writing.

- Spooky Robin

The Gossamer Project

I had to start somewhere and The Gossamer Project has the biggest and best collection I have ever seen!

Donna's Stories

I absolutely LOOOOOVE Donna's Fanfic. She has 2 amazing storylines I would recommend:

After The Future and Hellos


This is a NC-17 site which means you have to be at least 18 to read them. They are exceptionally good stories. Donnilee is also host to other good authors.

The Annex

This is the BEST collection of novel length X-Files fanfiction.

The Dragon's Lair

This is the site of Sheryl Martin (now Nantus after her marriage). Here you will find the adventures of 'Jaclyn Amanda St. George'. St. George is Sheryl's own creation and The Dragon Series is a FABULOUS fanfiction series.

Lara Means

Lara Means is a terrific writer. My absolute favourite is her Sara Mulder Stories.

The Three Way Stop

This is the site is also a NC-17 site and it is a site shared by three authors (hence the name) and of the three my favorite author is frogdoggie, but feel free to read the others stories as well.

Prufrock's Love

Prufrock's Love is aslo a great writer in my opinion. I especially love the story called Hiraeth.

Daydreamer's den

This is the site of Daydreamer. She is a great author. I especially love her "Profiles in Caring" series.

The Magician

This is a story site. It contains the Story "The Magician". The first 2 books can be found at The Annex. This is a Story about Mulder and Scully entering another dimension. And it's good and well written!

Virtual Season

As the title indicates this is a site with X-Files Virtual Seasons. At the moment they have season 8-12 completed. Season 13 is a work in progress.