X-Phile Extraordinaire

to my first (and probably only) attempt at a website.
Here you will find links to X-Files sites of all shapes and sizes,
pictures from my personal life (what little I have), and anything
else I might be inspired to put here.

- Spooky Robin

Okay. This site is still a work in progress.
There now is a small profile of me. What I'll add next, well only time will tell.

May 1st. Okay, I've added a link to the beginnings of my episode guide. Now you can see how far I have progressed.
Please drop a line and tell me what you thought of it.
Jan.10th. Right now I'm woking on writing an episode guide for The X-Files show.
(you can never have too many of those in my opinion).
Jan. 9th. I have now added yet another page of links. These will be misc. links that I feel the need to share.
Jan. 8th. I have now added a page with links to my favourite fanfiction pages.